Cheap things to do

So we have all had those times where we are broke as a joke without a nickel for a coke, but still would like to hang out with that special. So I came up with  small list of things that I have done that got me to hang with a special person but at the same time save some bucks.

Drive and Jam

Who doesn’t love to drive around and jam to some good tunes. I always loved cruising on some country back roads just talking and getting to know somebody while also sharing music we love. If it was somebody really special I would set up music I wanted to hear that made me think about them to let them know how I felt. And lastly you can always find a place to “park” to make out or whatever you choose ;).


Buy a Puzzle

Puzzles are relatively cheap and if you get one that is big it can take a while to complete. I recently completed a month-long journey putting a puzzle together with my girlfriend. By doing this there was always something to do after dinner and at the end of putting it together you can glue it and have a cool picture to keep.


Stream and Chill

This one was bound to come up right? If your kinda a movie buff like me you probably like to watch movies a lot. By picking one of these services (Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, etc) that you probably already have you can just hang out and share your favorite shows with your partner. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like an excuse to cuddle on the couch with that someone special.

Local Site See

So many places have a lot of cool touristy attractions that locals don’t always go see cause it’s not new and exciting. I encourage you to find someplace that is a nice local attraction to take some cheesy pictures and maybe learn something. It’s always cool to make a unique memory and seeing something like Niagara Falls will blow your mind. (Yea if you have never seen the falls I encourage you to do so its pretty sweet. Even if it’s a vacation stop you won’t be disappointed.


Alright all that is my quick list of cheap stuff to do for a date night. I hope you got a new idea of something fun to do. As always share with your friends and have a safe one….I have a puzzle to finish..


Bonus: Here are some puzzles on amazon for a starter

Great Beard = More Girls

So its Friday your single and your buddies are all busy. Time to get on some dating apps!!! But your are on them and you’re not getting matches… 😦 What you need to do is set yourself apart from every other guy that the local gals are seeing.

I suggest if you can grow some kind of facial hair and make it look great. Believe me facial hair is back in and ladies love it. Facial hair gives off these manly vibes that make girls feel secure. So growing this facile hair could bring out your inner lumber jack and get you a lass on your arm. The next step is to stand out from everybody else rocking the patch of peach fuzz trying to pick up some bodacious babes.

Now the number one key to standing out with your new-found manhood is to groom your self so it looks good. How many times have you been walking around seeing these guys that haven’t shaved in a while and look homeless? Well ladies want a homey looking man not a homeless one.

After you have your hair on your face its time to take care of it. There are many products that can help you level up your game. What you need to know is there are a ton of videos online claiming to have the best stuff for your beard or whatever your growing. To tell you the truth what I have learned is none of them are really any different and most of the difference is the scent that they give off. I only rely on 3 products to make sure I outshine the guys that don’t try at all.

  1. The first product I suggest you get is some beard balm. The balm can make the hairs on your face puff up and stick together making it look a lot fuller. It also helps with the shine making it catch everyone’s eye. I use Honest Amish and have had good results. Click the link below to see the product.

2. The second product that I like to use is a beard brush. This brush helps tame the monster on your chin but also helps apply the products you add to your facial hair evenly. The one I use is the Rocky Mountain Beard Brush, this one has worked good for me and could help you out too.

3. The last thing that I think would be a bare minimum to have is a beard shampoo. Beard shampoo is made specifically for your beard and essential to get rid of an oil buildup. Nobody wants to be the guy with a smelly beard so check out the one I use. With this link to

Well time for me to get off my soap box today but as always share with your friends. And to find more info on beard grooming check out videos on YouTube where you can find out tips and tricks of some burly fellers.




You Want To Get Back With Your Ex

So you and that special someone have broken it off and nothing seems as good as it once was. Your stalking their Facebook, listening to that artist they told you about, or whatever it is that makes missing them suck a little less. Now its a few weeks later they want to get better and you think this will make all the hurt go away. STOP!!!!

One of the worst things you can do is go back to an ex lover. Sure there are many fairy tale stories of this happening and everything working out but  usually this isn’t the case. You and this person broke up for some reason and that doesn’t change the situation. It might take some time but this bad part of the two of you will surface again and again pushing you apart. You have to realize that you deserve a relationship where everything is actually better.

I have made this mistake myself and let me tell you it isn’t fun and until you realize your mistake you are going to keep making the same one with this person. I kept going back to the same old person and getting bossed around day in and day out. I was miserable but I didn’t want to be without this person. This was because I didn’t think I could ever have what I had with this person again. Let say that I found that and more, and its possible that everything got even better.

There are billions of people in this world so why settle for the one that isn’t a perfect fit. Keep searching and looking to you find the person that makes you feel all special inside in the good times and the bad.


Thanks for reading and please share! Keep your head up lover.



Dating an Addict

With the drug epidemic growing to new heights daily you are probably going to run into someone with a drug addiction. You could be like I was and think I would never date someone who has mixed themselves up with this kind of thing. Well as I learned you will too that we all have our flaws and you could be missing out on a special person that is going through  the fight of their life.

If you happen to run into a person that you fancy and they end up sharing this part of their life with you they need someone understanding. They need someone who is going to support them with trying to live a sober life style for the rest of their life. This could mean not drinking around them or not smoking. Any substance that can lead them down the rabbit hole into darkness.

In my experience they will also need positive fun things to do. This could be just about anything that isn’t bar hopping. You could take up skiing, bowling, lifting, or just about anything with an ing. I have seen how people shy away from people going through this because they can’t chill and have a drink. All this does is depress an addict making them feel bad about the situation they are in and pull away from everyone. But the person that is the afflict needs to also be open about how they are feeling and let people in. Which leads into one of the harder points of dating an addict.

The hardest part of dating someone with an addiction is how they don’t seem to let you in all the time. From what I have learned if you are not an addict they may feel a little insecure and only share things with their group or counselors. It may take time to have them open up to you about everything going on in their life but it will be worth it. I have learned that there are just some things having this support from others isn’t something you should take as a personal offense but something to be thankful they have. Addicts need all the support they can get to stay clean and not go down the wrong path.

To the addicts reading this you are strong and you can make it through this there are better things out there for you. I hope this post helps people dealing with this situation and not cutting and running with people suffering from addiction.

Doing it On The First Date

So you may have or not been in the situation you are on a “date” or “hanging out” with somebody that you just met and the hormones start flying around. You and this person just click and things are heating up. Next thing you know its decision time….. to have sex or not.

Now we all want to have sex and there is nothing wrong with doing the deed but there are some things to consider. Whatever you do the first time you meet each other sets the precedent for the rest of the relationship that the two of you have with each other. So ladies you go and let some guy have sex with you the first time you meet he is going to think this is what is going to be happening all the time I know I do. So if you don’t plan on getting down all the time I would wait for a second date.

Another thing for the ladies to consider when putting out the first date is why would this guy continue to see you? Ever hear of why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? In my experience if you just meet somebody and have sex right away that’s all they were really looking for and it’s not going too much farther.

A thing for the guys to think about is if you get lucky on the first date how many other guys have also gotten lucky on the first date? It is way easier for girls to get picked up and taken out then it is for you to ask them out. Another thought is a girl who is that easy isn’t a girl you want to take home to mom.

Now there are always exceptions to the rule and you only live once so go out and experiment. This is all food for thought so eat up until next time.